Without a doubt about Call type: financial obligation collector

Without a doubt about Call type: financial obligation collector

I became called and had been expected by the electronic vocals to validate myself as RobXX by pushing 1, then told to notice claim quantity , then put on hold for approximately 2 moments. When responded I happened to be expected once more to validate myself by a person, by them asking have you been Robert Bray, “Yes”, will be your final four , “Yes”. I quickly had been expected to keep once more, we quickly asked who will be both you and what exactly is this about. She only explained they are a litigations company, and ask to please hold that they are Law Offices of Atlantic Group, and. I happened to be then used in Camille Summers.

She informed me personally that the discussion is being recorded. She said that they’re the Law Offices of Atlantic Group declare that they have been representing Cornerstone Partners plus they are informing me personally of the litigation they will have against me personally. She then proceeded to share with me personally that in of 2013 I received a Payday Loan from Cornerstone Partners june. That Cornerstone Partners would be satisfied with $600.00 but will look for $2400.00 in court for defrauding them. I happened to be told that if i really do perhaps not spend the 600 that i shall lose.

They reported we utilized names that are several never been aware of for sources, except two I have actually heard about, my ex-wife, and my cousin. That they had extremely old home elevators me like 12 years roughly. a message we never heard about and a 10 year address that is old Hosmer in Tacoma WA. They claim since, we fast cash payday loans in louisiana never taken care of immediately the claims of debt delivered to Hosmer I’m able to be charged.Stated that it will become a fraud charge, go to court for defrauding Cornerstone Partners if I do not accepted this settlement.

We pointed out the FTC after which the reaction ended up being they’re not loan companies and they’re simply informing me personally of choice for another business.

I Filed Chapter 13 last year and failed to complete until this current year, i will be clinically retiring through the army and currently spending so much time to fix my credit (and incredibly near to my objective) we feel we now deserve so we can buy a home, get a job and live the life. I freaked away once they called, my first idea ended up being some one has taken my identification now we’re going to never ever get a house. And so I told them every thing they needed to clear this up that I felt. I happened to be stationed in Korea in 2013 during the time they’ve been claiming. We have otherwise been at Fort Hood Texas for the past a decade. Moreover, it would jeopardize my bankruptcy proceedings if I was to apply for a payday loan. Generally there isn’t any method in which we used and on occasion even received that loan with anybody in 2013.

In hindsight it had been an idea that is bad let them have all my present information and status, but I became certain that these were planning to assist me personally. Really the only summary from her had been, “I have always been to know that you’re refusing this and I also will inform my customer to process the charge’s to subpoena you, you’ll have your entire day in court.”

Whenever I asked for Law Offices of Atlantic Group, and on occasion even Cornerstone Partners to send me personally paperwork showing we created this financial obligation, I happened to be told that most the papers have already been delivered to Hosmer and are perhaps not planning to deliver any longer, she additionally said i shall see most of the papers i would like whenever I have my summons.

Legislation workplaces of Atlantic Group discovered this true quantity right here so when we called it whent thru the identical to the 800 to Law Offices of Atlantic Group nevertheless they didnot seem to own caller ID to understand whom we ended up being)Secondary: Cornerstone PartnersLitigation$2400.00 looking for in court$600.00 settlingCamille Summers ext. 1300


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